Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hot For Teacher <3

I lurve my job.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

i dont think u get it. this is rachel strand.


if u cant dig this u cant dig nothin. watch out new york, shes coming.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

If I had a thousand dollars to spend on whatever.

thrift store (out of the closet) shopping spree
plane tix
new diggi
pay justin to make my website
enough money to buy a coffee at gimme iced coffee right now
I think thats it, i think i spent all the money. I'm having brunch with lisa on Saturday, maybe i'll ask her for a loan. dig this ancient picture of us, she's always been more productive than I am.
Also, while were on the subject of Lisa, I should just say, this is her and she is the most talented beautiful kindest hardest working person I know and deserves all the success she gets. She's like a ghost though, she blows in and out with the seasons, literally, she is so busy and so hard working. There's a reason she has gotten as far as she has. But to me shes always the girl in Busters wearing a funny newsboy hat with a a small rooster pinned to it. No one, NO ONE!!!!!! has more natural style than leeses pieces. whatever you're wearing she wore it in highschool and you don't even know youre wearing it because of her, cos shes not i told you so like that. unlike me. Since Diggi's broke i thought id give a little shout out to leeses. Buy her clothes! Cos you might have a thousand dollars!

Monday, October 1, 2007

America you kill me, or you would if I let you.

The radio just played Bill Withers Lean on Me and dedicated it very solemnly to all the Yankee fans or Knick fans or whatever dumb baseball team is getting its ass beat this week- The projected cost of the Iraq war when finished is two trillion dollars. You and I will be paying higher interest rates, more expensive insurance, tougher student loan premiums for the rest of our lives and we will still never live to see the day when this war is finished being paid for. Lets dedicate a song to that.
Or maybe we just feel thats the only way its ever gonna be, and u know what? you're probably right.
Sometimes I just don't get it.