Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Want The World And We Want It Now

Apologies for not having blogged in one plus month. I've been writing like a mad person. The mania of a new project has settled on my shoulders and I'm blazing through it at lightning speed. I've started a new novel! My second ever. I think I'm kind of writing the one I've always sort of been dancing around writing and now just was like, fuck it. Male Americana, lets do this. Maybe this can make its way into the world? Who knows, still waiting to hear back on the first. I've also had some writing work deadlines- also very exciting things on the musical horizon- So that's where my head has been and probably will be for some time.
Masculinity! I am in it. I am deep in it. I'm riding the snake that leads to the mystic river. My chariot is Sophocles and my guide is Han Solo. If you love them, desire them, no need to whisper it softly, they know, they're men!

A boy, an actor.

Thebans and thespians.

A man, an archetype.

George Lucas filming American Graffiti.

A mad man.

An act.

My father.