Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Work It!

Everyone should come to this! It's on Thursday and it's gonna be awesome. I'm gonna be there and so are tons of other awesome peeps, like Margaret Wappler (who rulz) Ann Powers, Jen Smith, Emily Lacy, Daphne Carr and many otehrs.
click here for more info.

Monster Ballads

Clearly I'm not running a fashion blog here, but these pics of Spicoli and Madonna are pretty awesome. Also, I'm sorry if you think the above song is the worst Madonna song on planet hell, but I fuckin love it and saw this movie in the theater with a huge group of girls for my 5th grade friend, Nina's, 11th birthday. It is also why I will always love Geena Davis, Tank Girl, Tom Hanks and Rosie O'Donnel. That is all.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boyz! Boyz! Boyz!

A look back at the original sausage links. Seriously this post is just an excuse to show this Cat Stevens video. I fuckin LOVE Cat Stevens. OMG, I do believe he might be the most beautiful man who ever lived/lives. I've had a crush on him since I was a little kid.

Coming in at a close second is young Chris Cornell. On a side note, one of the greatest underrated bands of all time. They were sludgy when it was popular to be punchy. Also, this video is an old time funny. It's a mockumentary. Seriously, Chris Cornell is so fucking hot. I'd still smush him, all anorexic looking and crazy brained like he is now.

The King. Fuck me, I love me some Elvis.

Marlon Brando, supreme man god of the movies. Also, read Pauline Kael's fabulous essay from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang about Marlon.

Penis Gallery namesake. Mr. Chase. The sexiest funny man. A real asshole asshat hotty.

The reason, I reason, I write. So brain sexy. That's it the entire first sexy sausage link.

In all seriousness, this list is a list of my all time top favorite men. Like the hottest doods I think ever lived. I've liked others, sure, but these are the top of the pops. Click for their original Sausage air date

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Camera!

Athena gave me a new camera, thank you, Athena! I took test shots.
Look out Todd Selby! Casa de la Katzban.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prayers For Elizabeth

I don't want to live in a world without Elizabeth Taylor. I know one day that day will come, but it's not now. She is in the hospital with her family beside her, fighting heart issues. Please send your thoughts and prayers.
Elizabeth was the first star to speak publicly about AIDS. She spoke on behalf of AIDS victims in the eighties, calling out Ronald Reagan and personally pinning the useless deaths of thousands of men and woman, on his silence. She has personally donated MILLIONS of dollars to AIDS research as well as raised large amounts through advocacy. She has been a tireless advocate for gay rights, freedom of choice, animal activism and most unjadedly, love. She is my hero and I truly believe she deserves a noble prize for peace. She is the most beautiful diamond. Hang in there Elizabeth, you are have more to do.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dance Party!

Valentines day, for the rest of us.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

I've been watching movies for five days.

Elaine! Also, I've never understood why Mrs. Robinson was portrayed as such a monster. Excuse her liberation - two snaps and a back of the hand- Seriously, WTF Elaine, excuse your mom for giving a shit. What, she's a dumb slut with no brains now because she likes to fuck, or would like to fuck? Geez louise, it doesn't shrivel up and disappear just cos you age a little. Elaine, give the lady a break. You're the one running into loveless marriages and then toward divorces and then onto random buses. Do you have a house in Beverly Hills? NO, Elaine, you don't, you just have your dumb puppy love. Maybe give the lady some credit for knowing a thing or two, smarty pants. Also, your boyfriends kind of a schmuck and his greatest scene on a bus isn't even with you, its with Jon Voight. In any event, this is still so great.
This movie here, this movie is in my top five. It's up there even before its predecessor. Jesus. Christ. This SCENE! Also, Appolonia is the bomb.

It is impossible for me to watch this movie without sobbing.

And one more time in technicolor, just because I've been living in this song.

I also found out that the Edwards Cinema in Alhambra, the movie theatre I went to a lot as a kid, is now $3 a movie! I think I will spend all of tomorrow there,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Battle Royale

Today I met someone with a cat named Fuzz Aldren. I have never been filled with so much envy in my entire life. It angered me and I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, that I had not thought to name my cats Fuzz Aldren.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekdays With Wyatt

Having been a nanny now for slightly more than half a decade, I can honestly say, I've never met a baby I didn't like. In fact, most people who say they don't like babies I would presume have never spent a great deal of time with any. Babies are lovely honest creatures, who if you meet one during your day, will most likely be the most straightforward person you will encounter that week. If they happen to be crying in a restaurant, it's only because they are as miserable to be there as you are to have them around. Taking babies to nice places is no fun, because babies, for the most part, don't understand 'nice' yet. They just are. They eat mashed bananas from a spoon shaped like a racecar. They care not for mood lighting, ambiance or having to 'keep it down.' In any event, I would rather spend my days earning a living taking care of wee babies than clocking in at a corporate job I don't really care for, in an an industry i don't have any interest in working in. I am blessed and cursed in knowing exactly what I want: the o'l attractive writer/professor combo, and until I get that old mighty book published or that PHD in English, and Dog willing that will be soon, I'm content to do this.
Babies though, are of course people, and we get along with some better than others, and well, Wyatt and I get along swimmingly. Wyatt and I share two of my greatest passions, long walks looking at architecture and amusing ourselves quietly. He is not intense and all of that, but very laid back and he loves to look and point. To smile at the scent of fresh lavender when I run a snapped sprig under his nose, or to make little 'oo'ing noises when we see an impressive building- in this case the Villa San Pasqual in Pasadena. We film ourselves dancing to Dynamite, Single Ladies, and California Girls, and lay on our stomachs and pull grass while listening to David Gilmour spill out from the insides of the house. We like chocolate and rice crackers, avocados and salt. Being with Wyatt is like being with Ollie, who is 7 now and I watched for three years. Ollie was my best friend in many ways, we saw each other at times more than I saw my roommates and friends, and him his mom and dad. Wyatt aside from sharing a similar resemblance, has a light and easy spirit in the same way. Where Ollie was an athlete, I believe that Wyatt, already is an artist.
He is lucky enough to live in one of the most walkable, beautiful parts of Pasadena, and we spend our mornings admiring the structures erected around us, Spanish Villa, English Tudor, turn of the century Bungalow, pre fab nineteen 50's modern, Grecian inspired 1920's romance. They are lovely mornings, awake before the sleepy, quiet world and we walk under oak trees, the sun warming us and call out to each other when we see something we like.

The Villa San Pasqual designed by Lionel Mayell, 'godfather of the condo.' these condos have been declared a historical monument and to buy one could easily set you back close to a mill.

beautiful caltech