Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cat Handcuffs

There is a Fats Domino

There is a King Tut

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Leanne?!! Leanne?!!!!!!?? WTF?!
Why??? Her clothes are so boring. Blegh, Kenley and Katow were cheated, long live Kenley!
Seriously, Leanne's clothes are like boring drops of tears after sitting through a french new wave sexist piece of diaroo. Ughhh.
I wouldn't be caught dead in one of her boring icicle sacks. Besides, can u imagine being stuck in an elevator with her? What a passive aggressive snooze. Viva Kenley and her hawt hawt clothes!

a nasty stain thats lying there

im so sentimental lately. im like a vibrating nerve.

here's a pic of danial and i at danials opening. it was amazing. paul, is in the background, i think i knew paul in another life. <3

Monday, October 13, 2008

if i was flame

So problematic, so fucking real, so beautiful.

Apologies for all the g'n'r posts. This essay has consumed my every waking moment. its all i do. believer music june/july issue, believe it baby!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I hope it doesn't show

LA is filled with kind beautiful gay men, snobby stuck up straight artist dudes that worship at the alter of USC and wear stupid shoes and think they're cuter than they are, and girls that don't smile.
Last time I checked I was a smart hot chick with an awesome wardrobe. WTF ela? WTF?!

I hope it doesn't show
It'll go 'way
It's just a passing phase
It'll go 'way

You can dress nautical
Learn to tie knots
Take lots of Dramamine
Out on your yacht
But when you're all alone
And nothing bites
You'll wish you stayed at home
With someone nice
But when you think you made it disappear
It comes again, "Hello, I'm here" and
I've got angst in my pants

You can be smart as hell
Know how to add
Know how to figure things
On yellow pads
Answer so no one knows
What you just said
But when you're all alone
You and your head
What's the computer say, it's mumbling now
It says "hey Joe"
It's spelled it out and
"You've got angst in your pants"
"You've got angst in your pants"

But when you think you've made it disappear
You're sure you made it disappear
And you've still got angst in your pants

I hope it doesn't show
It'll go 'way
It's just a passing phase
It'll go 'way
I hope it doesn't show
It'll go 'way
Give it a hundred years
It won't go 'way
And I've got angst in my pants
I've got angst in my pants

I can't actually listen to Angst In My Pants right now, I'd need to pour ice water on my genitals. The I predict video however, not a fear I have. But in case you want to listen to Angst In My Pants, its below. Number one hand-job in Heaven.

terrorist drag

how do you spell genius?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Indian Summer

Or should I say Native American summer? I can make that joke, if I had been smarter I could have gone to college for free. Thanks mom, thanks you lazy mexicans who never bothered to let me know we have paper documents proving our indigenous status. I'm also mexican and reading ask a mexican by gustavo arellano, a great man himself, so you know, i can say lazy mexicans too.
in any event, this is what ive been up too. every single one of us.