Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another time, another face.

R.I.P Diggi - 2003-2007

Things I should be doing
1. Working on my story for grad apps
2. Cleaning house and preparing for Marianne's arrival
3. Using the cheese in my fridge that I bought at the fancy cheese store for that fancy mac n cheese i swore i was going to make -before it goes bad
4. Researching Jim White the drummer and not Jim White the alt country singer so I don't call him on Tuesday and insult him again like I did today by confusing him with another performer. oopsie! Did I ever tell you about the time I interned at Tokion and was in charge of putting together a film press kit and then forgot to put the actual film in the packet?! It's a good one, someday I'll tell you. Or how about the time I was stoned and leaving my music theory class at PCC and almost ran over Stephen Hawking in the rain while he was rolling through a Cal Tech cross walk? No? Oh that one's High -lar-ious!
Anyway, while I should be doing these things I have decided instead to blog. As my life habit of journaling has almost completely become squelched by my thirst for notoriety and success. Obviously my personal emotions and privacies are secondary to these goals, besides, everybody's doing it. BEEN doing it. I pulled into the harbor as they were closing the canal.
So, the reason I haven't updated in awhile is because Diggi has died. Yes, it is a sad day. Maybe this is gods way of telling me to keep my private life private, but after four years of good memory capturing service, diggi, a couple months into my blogging career, has died-caput. No matter how many new batteries I put inside her, she simple reads "batteries exhausted" apparently the new fandangled camera's don't even use batteries, you just charge em. Anyway in honor of diggi's great service I have decide to post some of her best work. A walk down memory lane. Geezer's I'm blessed.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

if u look like these men, give me a call...

Wait! Who said you could pick up the phone?!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Midnight in the gardens of Brooklyn....

Is an amazing book of short stories by Harvey Swados which brings us to fiction which leads right into... Tis the season: I am applying to grad school for the last and final year. This will mark the the third year I apply, the second year I apply seriously and the first year I apply not in life crises and completely sober. I was sobes last year but things were still mad hectic. So...... im gonna give it another whackaroo. If it doesn't work, fuck it! Chris and Charlie already approved my book proposal and it will be coming out this time next year, of course updates as the blessed event approaches. Basically it will be a collection of essays and criticism on such things as music, popular culture, modern gender politics and whatever else suits my interests. Thanks Charlie! Thanks Chris! Literally, words cannot describe my excitement!(more on this later, i'm not trying to seem nonchalant but im big on jinx's)
Not to break any big surprise bubbles, but LA Record has some things up its sleeve for this upcoming year, I cant speak beyond my own project but lets just say were coming to a fire hydrant near you, and were coming to you glossy.... No more! My lips are sealed!

There is a wonderful dog named Seca staying with us till this friday, I've been taking her on long walks and its incredibly theraputic, unfortunately Leon is not as psyched. Girl Talk also came and crashed at our house with his whole crew and Frank, plus mountains of merch (600 t shirts!) so its been kind of a full house.

So last night I went to go see the Lewis and Clarke band play at some shiteous bar in Manhattan that had like drink minimums to get INTO the fucking bar, I was like I'll get a pellegrino, it was FIVE DOLLARS! i hate Manhattan! uggh, i put a hex on you!in any event it turned out okay because lou played an AMAZING show and it was worth the pellegrino. and since it cost so much I stuffed it in my purse and found it there this morning on my walk to work, it was a refreshing morning treat. You can read more about it in tomorrows Live From New York.

The other pics r Capri and I being weirdos in the Bubby's basement photobooth, Sarah and Dave hangin outside waiting for Lou to get through the Holland tunnel and to the awful club.
Oh city city city kitty kitty kitty, i hate u so.