Sunday, September 9, 2007

love and hate: when its over its over?

yesterday was the art parade so char and i packed our hot (as in sweaty) asses onto the jmz and schlepped it out to soho. im glad we did though because it was actually really awesome and even though i didnt get a picture of this, some woman decided to make a giant 4 tierd chocolate vanilla blue fondit cake covered in these gorgeous icing flowers, she was cutting it up and handing out pieces to people. it was actually delicious. and i knew that the stuff covering it was called fondit because of my new favorite show Ace of Cakes! I LOVE Duff and want to go visit him in baltimore. I want to rent a car and drive up there. thats a capri activity though. capri is a good travelling companion. CAPRI IM COMING SOON BE PATIENT! Im like obsessed with ace of cakes thoygh and ive taken my love of the food network to the next level. babysitting is great for many things top amongst them is nice food soft clean couches and endless cable.
neway, as char and i were walking home she started flipping out because the sunshine was showing troll 2 at midnight with a q&a with the cast and she got all xcited and started jumping up n down like the dill that she is, so i took her picture next to it and i had to hear about it all the way home on the jimz. she couldnt go to see it though cos last nte james had a end of summer bbq which was actually awesome and surprisingly full of normal looking people, TONS of them, i was surprised, not a serial killer among them. unfortch i didnt get a picture of james. but i did get all these other gonzos.
somewhere up n that mix of pics is buddy, alice, gay, hee har, jason, jim, orin and i cant think of who else. oh, and cretan pants makes an appearance on chars steps.

so basically today is sunday and from all the blog reading and "research" ive ever done i know that youre at least supposed to wait to blog on monday, but i can pretty much tell u that my weekend is over. i just sat here on my bed figuring out finances on my little phone calculator and i cant spend one more red cent. the sad thing is that i only spent 20 bucks yesterday and that is like a luxury, like, i feel GUILTY.
neway, im officially back and ny is being smug and muggy and giving me all kinds of attitude, so i really needed something like yesterday to hold me over: an amazing day with friends. ive been been homesick and and daydreaming about la. i really think that for the first time ever, im questioning this great big city and my days might be numbered. but i do know that there is initial comeback lows and that k is moving here in less than 3 weeks and that if i moved to la what would i do? write commercials? im destined to walk the thin line. Chrissy, Chrissy Chrissy, I yearn for your brassy.