Saturday, September 27, 2008

R.I.P Paul Newman

The mold is broken.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tis The Season!

Halloween is absofuckinglutely my favorite holiday and time of year. It's the only holiday that changes as you get older but still remains completely awesome. I take great pride in choosing my costumes. Here is a sampling of the last few years- Sylvia Plath, Peg Bundy, Butthead, Shark, Party Hopper (grasshopper) too bad I don't have any pics on my computer from the year b4 party hopper, that might have been the best ever. Courtney Love. I went all out. I think I might have uploaded those backwards, ah well. I'm also missing 2003, my first year in NY, I was Princess Di Zombie, unfortch I only have one Polaroid of that in my journal. I got TOASTY that year and sort a fell off a a table at some party and was asked to leave. good times.
What will this year bring? Get ready boys and ghouls, carve your pumpkins and spice your cider!






Monday, September 22, 2008

Just Because

I want to disappear into this footage and live there forever. I want this movie to be my groundhog day.

The Holy Trinity

The three most perfect faces- Screen tests!

this face, there was no face, as beautiful as this face. and there never has been, and there never will be.
when rebellion was new, teenagers were puzzling and naivete was considered healthy. lets run away, lets dream about running away, where aids, poverty, global warming and technicolor can never find us.

That's right Jimmy! Right in the goddamn lenz!

Paul, don't die, don't die Paul, live forever.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Until three months ago I was a nanny. Now I'm reading french theory and discussing the meaning of collective ritualized violence. I miss them, I miss Brooklyn. I'm not sad, just wistful. Rock star Stella, my tiny man Ollie and Oscar Boscar the sweetest baby Buddah. I also really fuckin miss Tasti D.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Hate CNN but this is beautiful and it made me cry

Passion! Never let it's fruit leave you.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just because I cant look at Axl Rose's face one more second.

I never thought this day would come, but nothing ruins a good thing like turning it into an academic endeavor. Uggh, if I listen to g n r one more time I'm going puke. All I've been doing is combing the Internet for William Bailey and the secrets to his feminist soul (no e-mails please, i know he's actually a misogynist)blegh. on a side note, the essay has been practically writing itself and i'm very pleased with it's progression, in a way, even though it's just an essay, it's sort of the work I've been meaning to write for the past 10 years. in a way, its almost defining.

in any event axl has now become work, and so i've put him away.

Elvira I explained to Sarah the other day in the car, is punk. she had no idea, she thought she was goth. it was fun, i got to explain the difference between the misfits and Cocteau twins. and just when i was feeling pleased with myself two separate people called me a music snob. i am many things, but that, is not one of them. okay, maybe a little.

there are so many things right with this clip. least of which is that that mob scene takes place in front of the bates hotel and across the street from the back to the future city hall clock.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Nothing lasts longer than Big Red

I have started a new essay, I don't want to jinx it but it's about Axl. I have put aside The B52's for the time being. They are breaking my head open. In my research I have stumbled upon the holy grail of all discoveries.

Guns N Roses. Fanfiction. For the gay man!

It's times like these I kiss the earth. Screw u Plato and your distribution of the sensible. Fuck off flaubert, you can go marry your mute letter and drown in a pile of objects. True passion is that of the romantic. Here's a snippet, as curated by Jessica. Behold:

Axl went about his preparation of the hot chocolate as Slash sat down at the kitchen table. There was something about Axl's voice after all these years, hearing him laughing again, seeing him smile that made Slash relax and turn into a little kid again.

He was excited about his hot chocolate. Axl made the best hot chocolate in the world. His grandmother taught him how to make it and told him about all the special ingredients she would add to make it so magical. It was heavenly. Heavenly chocolate and Axl was the angel who made it.

Slash turned his head to steal a glimpse at Axl. More like a stare really. He couldn't help but stare at him. He really did look like an angel. Even now in the proper lights the singer's skin was still porcelain white. He glided about the kitchen so gracefully. Almost floating, like a spectre.

After a few minutes Axl sat down opposite Slash and handed him a mug of hot chocolate. Slash took a slow sip of the drink and closed his eyes, savouring the magic as the otherworldly taste slithered down through his body. After a few moments he opened his eyes and locked his gaze with Axl's sparkling green eyes, watching Slash from over his own mug.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All cats go to Heaven

For a small gentleman

You have died,
Summer is over,
Summer is gone.
You protected me, from all the new things
Coming at me, so fast.
You were kind, and sweet and trusting.
And you protected me, from fear
You eased my way
With you body
Like a light
Waiting for me when I came home
And although I never held you
You held me
You helped me
I loved you.
Rest in peace.
Tommy cat.
The summer holds your name and I will always remember you
On my small blue porch, under the summer flowers, resting,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008