Wednesday, July 23, 2008

where have all the cowboys gone?

The boys of summer. These are are the handsome men in my life. I feed all of them. They feed me.


Getting Warmer-

Theres the california dude gypsy jim morrison wolf shaman mariachi that i know and love. It's good to have mystical homies.

Father and Son

Dear prospective lovers

You must make me feel like this.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's a D. I.Y life. Know her, love her. My hero, Laurie Pike.

No One Gives A Shit About Your Penis

Good Morning!

I'm working on an exciting project. Ovaries and cerebrums are involved.
Wake the fuck up!

And what do we have here? A little Sean Yseult, a little Robert Zombie? Pre Rat Fink-Betty Boop-Ed Gines? Just some little hotties from Pratt posing next to rusty artfully displayed Cadillacs? Thats some good muzik you got there there little girl, where are u taking it? I hope not to a cartoon sellout version of who you really are? In any event, u rocked it hard while you rocked it real.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fall At my Door- There's More Beauty in You Than Anyone

No really!
I live in LA! In a tiny house!

Bless you, bless music, bless this beautiful woman.

I got a job as the research assistant on Jessica's new book, Jessica also happens to be pretty much the best music critic around.

Women in rock, here I come.

It's a new day it's a new dawn. Really, I'm full of love, my heart is full.

The only thing I can handle right now is Joan Armatrading:

My head is all sensitive, like your'e head, after your brains have been fucked out. Joan fucks my brains. But not my metaphorical ones. Try it on, it's good.

I'm living for love- This place is good for me.

This Face is the little face.

And this small gentleman is just that.

Fall at my door.