Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dirdy Birdy

So, first I'd like to say that I was never that in to boy bands, and for those of you who don't know hold old I am, I'm 27, so that would put me in the era of s New Kids On the Block, Boyz to Men, Color Me Badd, et cetera. This isn't because I was too cool for school at the tender age of ten, but only because I have an older sister who was a teenager at this time, so I mostly listened to what she did. Hence, an early love of Guns Roses, Motley Crue- whatever, you get it, that was on my cheese meter. And then when the mid to late 90's rolled around ala N Sync, and Backstreet Boys, I was careening toward my twenties, the ship had sailed. I had successfully navigated a life thus far without putting a single boy band poster on my wall.
BUT, something strange and disturbing has occurred, like most of you, I read Perez Hilton and there I noticed that he kept posting pictures of these young boys, the Jonas Brothers. I have to admit, they were cute in that pookie wookie pinch em kind of way, but I also knew from reading Perez that the youngest one (and the cutest one) is 14. Now that makes me old enough to his teacher, aunt, mentor, or really white trash mom. AKA, I could get arrested. So I noted their cuteness and kept reading about Britney Spears. BUT, today Perez has posted a new video by them and all bets are off. They are so motherfuckin ballsy its pretty hot. They not only are little rockstars (i wasn't aware they were a band, I thought they were your standard boy band acapela) but these sly little motherfucks made an *)"S ARENA ROCK LOVE BALLAD! Their teenagers, no, PRE teenagers. They stole direct moves and scenes from some of the most famous hair metal videos of all time, case in point, Patience, Home Sweet Home, Paradise City,et cetera.
Im in love with The Jonas Brothers, and not just because i have an affinity for jew fros and big brown eyes and pouty mouths. These sexy little shits have ballz. Who does that almost twenty years later? Little shits with brains, taste and a good marketing team.
And I'm a Dirdy Birdy.