Monday, December 29, 2008

Pop Rocks

Speaking of fire bombing, can we fire bomb all girl pop from Britney Spears forward? (even though I like Brit Brit in a historical freak context) and go backwards from No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom? When Gwen wrote feminist anthems for highschool girls and shook her funny smart pop music ass to real rock n roll? Can we then stop her career and freeze her in 1996 and forbid her from moving forward?
Gwen Stefani wrote this!
Hey you with the wedding dress on
Made of white chiffon blowing in the wind
Hey you with the dreams in your head
You've been so mislead by your heart's pull
I know you're waiting for your ship to come in
You anxiously wait for such a long time
You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll
You dress up and play the game
You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll
You're name will never change

Hey you with the eyes full of hope
You think you can rope your desire
Hey you, you naive thing
Your patience in time will tire

I know you're waiting for your tide to roll in
How did you ever set such high hopes?
You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll
You dress up and play the game
You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll

You're name will never change
You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll
In a plastic world of make believe
You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll
You know he's gonna leave
What happened to my high school Gwen?! Sassy, original, talented outlets for girls can and do exist. Not everyone has to be Patti Smith, but what happened to Cyndi Lauper and PJ Harvey? Funny, cool chicks who wore clothes to express themselevs and ruffle feathers, not to make best dressed lists, who wanted to rock because that was a way to get their voices heard, not a way to make the cover of Vanity fair- I'm talking to you Miley! Rock stars should not have stylists- Katey Perry! Come on!
Beth Ditto, you are a candle in the wind. Keep going, Keep going Karen O. Keep getting bigger and more famous and pull your peers up with you! Oh, and don't fucking change once you make it to the top! Pop can be cool! Oh, and while were at it, can we just drop Ashley Simpson off on some faraway island and then experience collective amnesia?
While all these current pop princess's play at rebellion, it's all affectation, rather than appropriation, tear out your hair extensions and smear the stage with your pissed off hormones. Don't learn the moves, make them.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fear and Loathing in Arizona

So I just came back from a long week at my moms place in Arizona, which still freaks me out to no end. That she lives there, and not on Mentor in Pasadena behind the Chicken Waffles where i spent the first 19 years of my life until I got kicked out onto my bratty, spoiled, no good ass.
Things that are true: Man on a Wire, Gonzo the Hunter S. Thompson Documentary, are- amazing. If you haven't seen Man on a wire SEE IT. The Gonzo doc, wow, I don't know what to say, it wasn't that the thing was so great, it was aight, but The Dukes life was so intense, bizarre and oddly beautiful, without trying to glamorize the obvious pain and horrible addiction he couldn't free himself from, but wow, the man was talented, beautiful, and could rock a pair of white converse. I never gave Gonzo much attention because I was always very enraptured with Miss Didion. I am now a Gonzo-ite. Hail to the Duke.
After that Marianne and her sister Lisa and I roadtripped it back to CA, where we stopped at the George Patton Museum and saw some of the freakiest shit I've ever seen shoved into a weird room on the side of the desert. It was like that scene in Beavis n Butthead when they do peyote and trip to White Zombie n Rat Fink.

Then we stopped at Shields in palm desert or as Marianne said, "screw those asses at Hadley's". For real, Shields is the bomb, 10 times better than Hadley's and doesn't serve bananas. Then we stopped at the dinosaurs and went inside the Wheel Inn. We are going to fire bomb that burger king that moved in next store and is stealing business from the wheel inn, and blocking the view of the dinosaurs. If you look down at my little "about me, my profile" pic, where I'm like, six, I'm wearing my wheel inn shirt. im proud of that one. and then we waved at the morongo casino and sailed home into the bright lights of the inland empire and the many meth labs that dotted the freeway hills.
I also went to the LA Record Christmas party before I left and burned the midnight oil with nerd headquarters. Aw, there's nothing like a powerful, obsessive, ego maniacal, multi-talented nerd to send you off into the desert night.

Date Shakes for the strong and weary.

my favorite la la liz taylor ornament ive had since i was in high school.

my mom made me my favorite meal in the whole world, posole. she also bought me woody guthries, bound for glory. shes pretty much the best. also, dont try too hard to guess whats in that soup, its pretty much nothing you would ever want to put in your mouth if u didnt grow up eating it.

brian's awesome band blank blue played. they killed it.

this is the face i make when im asking chris n charlie for something.

entrance played and i head banged.

dave n jessica! viva brooklyn 2004!

alias, short shorts.

The men behind the myth. the magic that is la record.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

drain every beer left over at home and listen to ghosts in the other room

i stole a moment! arizona is big and cold. this warms my heart. oh white girls. white girls white girls. what would this big ol world do without u. los angeles is a skyline on a distant horizon and excene lives on a farm.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dry heaving for your love: smell ya next year.

So ive been posting a a lot this week because im leaving tomorrow for arizona and will be gone for two weeks, and there will be no internets, but there will be roadtrips! marianne and i are going to tear up the highway. neway, ive been trying to send every 'business' email i have to send b4 i leave, so that means lots of procrastination which means lots of blogging.
so, im leaving you with this: faith no more at rock n rio in 1990 being one of the most awesome bands to ever form. god fucking damn! merry fucking christmas. i care a lot!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tattoo You

Okay, so if you didnt know, and why would u, this is like one of my favorite anythings. Music, image, the whole enchilada. Whenever i watch this i feel hypnotized. Anyhow, because im one of those cheesy nards that loves tattoos and thinks tattoos are sexy and cool and all the lame stuff your mom hopes you dont think about tattoos and all the lame stuff ashlee simpson and pete wentz think about tattoos, i sadly, think those things about tattoos. u can take the girl off the 1997 melrose, but you cant take the 1997 melrose off the girl. that said, the title text that say's 'a film by kenneth anger' and 'the end' is the font i want to get on my arm. and its going to say 'the end' jsut like in the film. WHAT FUCKING EVER! i think its cool and i think boys that smoke cigarettes are hawt. go eat a piece of organic tofu from fresh and easy and choke on it.

Also- here's a sneak peak, the very last paragraph: In a perfect world, the role of Axl Rose would not need to be appropriated. There are the Patti’s, Debbie’s and Chrissie’s, but as pop culture rolls along, the list of empowered women in rock--in the mainstream--is shrinking. We need new voices to be heard, we need to pull the Marnie Stern’s, Mika Miko’s and Erase Eratta’s out from the shadows of the underground. We need women who perform the same functions as Axl, without the repercussions or reproach. So that they can duplicate and proliferate, like the fan fiction, spun from that powerful, attractive, rock n roll, mystique.

Make it happen! Because I can't, I don't know how to play an instrument and I'm too old to learn.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mi novios

mi bebé gatos han robado mi corazón para siempre. mi muchacho de más edad se está convirtiendo en un hombre y lo amo más cada día.

We live in a cottage of coziness.


OMG! No, your eyes do not deceive you, I did just write omg, anyway, last night was the last wildness of 2008 and it was insane. Tons of funz. Fo reals.
I booty shaked.

And took my picture with the king. Glory be thy name.

Kate's students gave her a fucking American Express card for her birfday. Awesome. Seriously, I had seconds of jealousy.

This is Katie telling the story of the worst/cruelest thing she ever did as a kid, and it's actually not that bad, but pretty awful at the same time. The best part was that it took her like ten minutes to tell a really short story because every time she got the to the part where she was going to tell me the bad thing, she would stop and bust up laughing. It was hilarious she just couldn't say it. Clearly, Katie's conscious is racked with guilt.

Sarah and Sayer are trying to tell me something. Maybe goodnight and put the fucking camera away?