Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Fuck YEAH!
Obama is rolling out the sweetest cabinet to ever fill the white house. I feel like re naming it the PEOPLE house because it's the first face of government that looks like the PEOPLE in my neighborhood, it literally looks like America.
My beloved, beleaguered, tough as nails Hillary
Susan Rice
Eric Holder Jr.
Janet Napolitiano as secretary of HOMELAND SECURITY!!!!!!!!
Plus a myriad of other folks who look the way I want my government to look. Am I nerd if I feel a small amount of hope for the future? I read Bill Richardson's name this morning and I wanted to cry, it was like Obama saved at least three iceburgs and half a rainforest plus let one little brown child see a face he can look up to, instead of the racist fucking stereotypes about Latino men that litter the media. I literally am quite pleased to be a Mexican American this morning, not even LA mexican (because I'm not) but a motherfuckin RANCHERO, Bill Richardson's kind of Mexican, even if half my Sopa is half milk and white bread.