Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tattoo You

Okay, so if you didnt know, and why would u, this is like one of my favorite anythings. Music, image, the whole enchilada. Whenever i watch this i feel hypnotized. Anyhow, because im one of those cheesy nards that loves tattoos and thinks tattoos are sexy and cool and all the lame stuff your mom hopes you dont think about tattoos and all the lame stuff ashlee simpson and pete wentz think about tattoos, i sadly, think those things about tattoos. u can take the girl off the 1997 melrose, but you cant take the 1997 melrose off the girl. that said, the title text that say's 'a film by kenneth anger' and 'the end' is the font i want to get on my arm. and its going to say 'the end' jsut like in the film. WHAT FUCKING EVER! i think its cool and i think boys that smoke cigarettes are hawt. go eat a piece of organic tofu from fresh and easy and choke on it.

Also- here's a sneak peak, the very last paragraph: In a perfect world, the role of Axl Rose would not need to be appropriated. There are the Patti’s, Debbie’s and Chrissie’s, but as pop culture rolls along, the list of empowered women in rock--in the mainstream--is shrinking. We need new voices to be heard, we need to pull the Marnie Stern’s, Mika Miko’s and Erase Eratta’s out from the shadows of the underground. We need women who perform the same functions as Axl, without the repercussions or reproach. So that they can duplicate and proliferate, like the fan fiction, spun from that powerful, attractive, rock n roll, mystique.

Make it happen! Because I can't, I don't know how to play an instrument and I'm too old to learn.