Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Box Of Rain

This weekend was tons of fun. i feel like the city is sliding into itself. my house is a disaster and my cats are insane and im the brokest broke joke of any joke ive ever cracked, but i feel like a diamond. during the past three months i spent doing research for the appropriate for destruction piece i read this cheesy g n r book and in it slash is quoted as saying, "you know, we had no money, we all had stds, homeless and most of the time crashed in our rehearsal space wasted, but we were together and we were like brothers, before everyone hated each other, it was the happiest time of my life."
I'm writing a review of American Beauty by Grateful Dead and I'm a little intimidated by it, I've never been well versed in the hippie culture. I like it, peripherally, but I've always been more of a punk rock, heavy metal, 90's indie rock, rockabilly kind of chick. The Gram Parsons and such, I usually left those interests to the boyfriends and gypsy chicks that walked barefoot through the hallways in my high school, ridiculous flowers from the dirty parking lot in their hair.
Paul took amazing photos of me and the baby boys.

Then Kate and I hosted the first ever Five Points reading at Workspace. Five readers in Lincoln Heights next door to the Five Points (or Cinco Puntos, as I called it in high school) get it?
It was a smash. Sarah read this amazing piece about the grotesque and Travis read his outstanding poetry.

The next night we went to Animal Shelter reading to celebrate it's release. Chris Kruas read as well as Paul Gellman, who was so off the hook it was awesome. And of course Sarah, who read the If Looking Like Move, piece. It was wildly good. It's really exciting to see how far her work has come since we were youngsters, her doing copy and me, bad music reviews at Strength Skateboard Magazine. I feel very lucky to get to witness the transformation.

Kate and Sascha were there. Those are stand up gals. Also, Cathy De La Cruz moved to town from San Diego, praise lord! She's not the only one though, Japanther has left Brooklyn, and they can be seen stalking the streets in shirts like this.