Monday, May 31, 2010

Fried Egg Flower of Love

Warning, gross lovey dovey crap ahead. Because I am not a door knocker, couple tard who doesn't understand that not everyone wants to be subjected to pictures of my love-ins, I give fare warning: Obnoxiousness ahead. So if you aren't in the mood to watch happy happy kissy, skip this post, if you are so inclined then then by all means, look way!
Nick woke me to birthday/anniversary awesomness! -my birthday isn't till next Sunday, don't worry. It was a two in one sucker punch of sweetness. We've come a long way from me running in the opposite direction: click me!

We went to Los Tacos in Pasadena to get the best nachos in the entire world.

The bounty.

The wreckage.

Then Nick took me the Huntington Gardens, perhaps, after Disneyland and some other secret places, my second most fave place in all of California.

The yellow flower above was called a Fried Egg Flower. Eww.

We found a big tree to climb. It was like the Ghanesh of trees. So many arms!! I'm wearing shorts.

Nick and this guy were twins.

Then we went home, drank Kava tea and watched Beavis and Butthead. oh yeah. i would call this a perfect day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Tiny Monte Cristo

So Athena's been here and she is a non stop laugh riot. Put her together with Ace of Stace's and it's a comedy show of the highest degree.
This is Stacy reenacting the time she tried to sneak into the Hooters pool in Las Vegas without a pass.

I almost got run over by a fire truck on the way to the Silverlake Jubilee festival.

Also, see what magic has transpired in the past three years! Technology has advanced! This is 2007! I remember we were all so blown away by Athena's little crack berry camera and now her Iphone is like top notch quality.
Anyhoo, there is no way you can tell by watching this short clip but in this moment with Laura is one of the times i laughed the hardest in my entire life. What you can't see is me crying while eating ice cream because I'm laughing so hard. I can't produce noise or sound, only tears. And then I danced and Athena lost it. Laura Gay is hilar.
"You think it's a regular Monte Cristo but then you pull it out and it's a tiny Hot Pocket!"
Oh, I miss that room, I miss those funny ladies, I miss New York. Not really New York, but watching this little video I do.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Programming Note

I graduated! I am now a Master!

Dear readers and anyone who has not completely forgotten my blog out of frustration with the complete disarray that i have let it slip into. Let me find a job and I'll be back, one hundred percent.
I'm going through it. Getting older is weiiird. Much weirder than i thought it would be. Thirty is giving me a head fuck, not because I'm afraid of being thirty, I think it's cool. I like getting older, I have found that with every birthday I care less and less what other people think of me and I generally try to just spend time with people I love. So that's nice. But the realization that I'm not really a cool 'girl' anymore is strange. Not that I can't be, I know folks that use that moniker way past their time to use it, but really, I'm not a girl and the experiences of my life don't equal girl. I know there are lots of grown up people much older than myself who still call themselves girl - and without judgement, okay maybe a little- I don't want to still be inside the bar dancing till four in ten years. I love dancing, I love life and I guess, yes, I take that back, I want to still be dancing in the bar at 40 if my friends are there and the music is good. But I want something to go home to. I don't want the night to be my home. I want a career and a family and a nice place to hang my hat. Most of my friends now aren't like this but I was on Facebook being bored and going through old friends albums and this one person had an album of Polaroids from 2003-2007 and it was all the same people i remember from when I was 22 and total dumb butt. I'm glad I went to school got my head straightened out and shook off the Beauty Bar and ran out of the Star Shoes. I'm glad that my friends now are as far away from that as I could imagine.
I want to get a good job and go back for my PHD. I want to be a fucking grownup already. That's whats freaking me out: how freaking ready I am to get on with it already.
Athena's been in town for work and seeing her has been wonderful.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This one's for Julie, Kate and Bacho

So I am ever so reluctantly leaving my dark tunnel. Oh yes, I've been in one! I don't need to say more than that. My list of things to do and people to see is vast. First up, having some sort of meal with Cathy and saging her house. I just need to get out of bed. Let me tell you, graduating from grad school, poverty and impending thirty hood are weighing on my brain.

I interviewed Amanda! We had a lovely sit down iced tea date. This woman is amazing! The finished product will be in the Weekly in a couple weeks.

Saw Roky Erickson play. Do I have to say it was mind blowing and a dream come true?

This is happening and it's surprisingly not weird. They really like each other! I mean, if you think about it the odds of them having a lot in common is not that far out.

Went to Wounded Lion's record release. They played with The Beets and The German Measles. Both on Captured Tracks records. Nick is good friends them. Anyway, I'm so mother blimpin bummed. I think me writing about WL for the Weekly is just cursed. The last time i did, Michael Jackson- RIP- died and the thing got scraped, obvs, and this time i went to post it and the Movable Type website we use had changed my password, so by the time i got my new one it was the next day and old news. Oh well, let me just say, Wounded Lion is amazing, brilliant, awesome stuff. I cannot endorse them more.


Is having a fundraiser! You guys should go.
click and check it out!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Going Places

I went from sitting in front of my computer writing my thesis to now writing cover letters and looking for a respectable 'grownup' job. Ahh, but in my mind, we are all going places. Here's some links to some of my favorite trips.

returning to the land and my people clicka!

Mexico! clicka!

santa cruz! clicka

salvation mt! clicka!

Arizona! clicka

returning to ny for the first time, since moving back to LA clicka!

visiting LA when I lived in NY clicka!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

(Creepy- As in, I'm a creep) Thesis Side Note

So I'm sitting here writins and editins and I decided to take a break and youtube Katherine Dunn cos I read in an article that she has the deepest voice of any writer ever. Anyway, this intrigued me so hence the tube search, well, I stumbled upon a sexy stranger. I have a boyfriend who I schmoop very much, this handsome prince of a guy:

So no disrespect to the above schmoop and I have no idea who this guy is, I'll call him youtube guy, but youtube guy is instantly my Sunday afternoon thesis crunch crush. I mean, he's wearing a Beavis and Butthead shirt. Also, his fave movies and fave books are my fave movies and books. His favorite writers are all women! Le sigh, youtube guy. I love smart men.

In this one he says he doesn't love over stylized movies, amen, brotha, amen! I want to get lost in, not pulled apart by your artistry.

ps. Anyone who says you can only be sexually attracted to one person at a time needs to pull the delusion stick out of their butthole and wipe off their bi-focals. Beautiful people are all around us, iz okay to look. ;) That emoticon is for you judgy Mcjudgerson. Also, I'd like to sever you a big helping of get real.
Oh yes, oh yes, my essay Appropriate for Destruction was picked to be in the 2010 Best Music Writing! Woooo Hoooo!


Today is the final day of edits and touch ups. It's due tomorrow at 4 PM. After tomorrow I will take a nap for a week, then slowly start to reanimate myself.
The only spirits I want watching over me today are Katherine Dunn and Nathanael West, send me ingenuity and prowess. I call on you great ones, help me complete this monster beast.