Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Midnight all alone on the pavement has the moon lost her memory?

charlie n kelly being cute @ danial johnston.
blurry danial johnston.
la estrella!!!! the best fish taco in the world. remnants of goodness. thats a 2 dollar monster by the way.
i went by my old neighborhood to see if it had changed, luckily it just made me really proud of who i am and what i am and where i'm from. viva chicana!
and lastly the mouth of the beast. i call this portrait great expectations. where many a young girls heart swelled with anticipation of damp puddles and the reflections of the night inside them.
and finally, i stole this pic from the website, actually dan monick took it, but i couldn't resist. how adorable r these little rapscallions? i cant believe i work for such babyfaces, and that such swetties put out the record. (dan included!) but i wouldn't call dan a cutie, id just call him hot.

Ahh, cats lyrics. Look me stealing concepts left and right. so basically im a shitty blogger. i spent all weekend doing awesome awesomeness and i left my camera at home.
friday night i went to go see Danial johnston with chris, kelly and charlie. it was like an la record filed trip, then was fuck yeah fest which ruuuuuuuuled. im bummed i didnt snap a few. k came and i bumped into a million people i hadn't seen in years like Melissa, joel and countless others. plus i saw jessika and dave!!! which was cool, were gonna go see superbad at the beautiful art deco egyption where its always 5 bucks b4 5 and u can get a giant tub of popcorn plus a free refill at the same time! 2 popcorns 4 1. but this is sort of pointless since i don't have pics.

i did have dinner with smach and dylan though and that was so good. chris took me to see where the black dahlia lived and worked he lives across the street. it was delightfully morbid and made me think of old movies. i walked on the beach and saw a seagull with a cigar!!!!!! i will never forget that, until the last day that i am alive and my eyes part into darkness, i will see that seagull on the water break in long beach, smoking a cigar.
i think im slipping into unconsciousness here, everything is so grand.
ps. Indian jewelry owns ur soul.