Sunday, August 19, 2007

some things take time

moving to new york can be tough, kind of like starting a new school in 6th grade when everyones been together since kindergarten. that said now that the whole cat craze has sort of cooled down to a simmer i'd like to share with u my favorite artist ever, his name is b. kliban. i first discovered him because of his cat calendars which my mom would buy me every year as a child because i loved cats (and still does and i still do)anyway, as i got older and became interested in in his career i discovered that he was actually a bona fide genius who inspired many cartoonists that we consider innovators of their craft. most notably gary larson. in any event you can see his influences as well, such as the great saul stienberg. b. was a dirty, drunk asshole who died poor and unrecognized but with a giant body of work. it is posthumously that all his dumb (ADORABLE!)cats made him famous. unfortunately they overshadowed his most masterful works.
whoever is owner to his estate though, meow! what a score.