Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mr. Pink

I've recently become re-obsessed with Pink Floyd after cleaning my house and discovering that we owned The Wall, as well as many other movies I thought we had lost. Much to my delight I am going to be in LA all next week for Fuck Yeah Fest and just hanging out. Neway, I'm not going out this weekend so I can save money and get work done so I don't have to work while I'm away (Monday will be a rapid fire of interviews Wanda Jackson, Mudhoney and Girl Talk, plus transcribing Bert jansch and Jason Molina -both of whom are asshole btw- and letting the exterminator into my house and packing and then 2 more 12 hour days before I get on the plane) whew! So I spent last night all rolled up in a sheet burrito watching The Wall trying to remember why I was so enthralled with it in high school. I was on the phone with Chris who was in a deli trying to decide what to buy and take back to the show he was at because he hadnt eaten dinner yet. (i call them deli's now, im such a ny'r! he called it a liqour store last nite on the phone and it took me a minute) and he was like, because you were stoned. I watched the whole thing with leon with a sheet over my head in the dark cos michelle and heehaw are out of town, just me n the cats. it was bliss.
we also talked about robert mitchum and humppry bogart. the barefoot contessa was on 13 and that movie is simply amazing. melodramatic, thrilling, lush, and beautiful to look at with some of the best lines ever written. i LOVE old movies about the movies. check out Day of the locust, its another must see, plus its from the 70's the last golden age of screen goodness. according to me of course. BUT if u havent read the book do yourself a favor and do that first.