Friday, August 24, 2007

All I've Ever Wanted

im blogging this from a library across the street from rachels old apartment in highland park. near la estrella. i remember when they were building it and the gold line. we would walk down the train tracks at night to where the platform was being built and drink highlife 40's then go to mr. t's and get crazy. oh the early 0's. this was way before we even started going "out out" when i was shaking off all my residual teenage high school ways of life. put down the boones and pick up the blow. oh oh what a way to go! anyway, its weird to be inside this place. its actually really beautiful in the arts and crafts style and looks very true to the arroyo's architectural history.

neway here are some pics so far of my WONDERFUL trip. ive only been here 18 hours!

the last pic of leon the morning before i left. i <3 him.
Casa de la Swang,
the two page detailed note she left for me that basically boiled down to water my plants and feed my pets. she had time to write this thing but left her back door open and all her windows open and the front door unlocked. this is why sarah is the greatest human ever conceived. she also told me that if i fucked up her house she would "ruin my life." threats from sarah should not be taken lightly.
what lola thinks of sarahs note (i agree!)
beezles! btw, this house is so amazing, its like someone took the romote control that shrinks chocolate bars in willy wonka and shrunk a big house and made sarahs tiny little adorable house. AND the most aggravating part? it costs $200 more than my tiny ass room. oh new york, sometimes you test me.
the first thing i wanted to do was see k, and the first thing i wanted to eat was vietamese food, so she came and picked me up and we went to golden deli. ohhhhhhhh, god, the bounty, and then the wreckage. best thing about this meal? it was under 20 bucks. i love la.