Thursday, June 24, 2010

And just like that...

A piece of terrific music criticism encourages me to challenge my my notions of what I thought i knew. Just a day or so after posting the Nick Cave, PJ video I came across Anwyn Crawford's excellent essay on Cave, his misogynist tendencies and the Criterattie's acceptance of it, a sweeping under the blanket in the name of 'art'. I don't follow Anwyn one hundred percent of the time, for instance I think comparing Cave to Iggy Pop and lumping them together in the same category is a bit of a leap I'm not ready to take, however she makes thoughtful and well written arguments about what is considered 'art' and what is considered 'excessive violence.' As has been the conversation of the past week in papers and blogs in regards to the Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba film, The Killer Inside Me, based on the book of the same name. One could argue that Cave is story telling, crafting a persona from which to sing, but then, what exactly is a movie, if not a well crafted- hopefully- story? When does art cross the line?
The thing that struck me most about the essay was the simple fact that Crawford takes on such an iconic, beloved figure as Cave to begin with. An 'artist' I never thought to question. I too, have always grouped him together with Tom Waits and the like, an 'artist' for whom no bad is done. But why? Is it because he is 'strange'? It's a good read and I have to admit I felt accused at certain points, and that's great! Truly, wonderfully effective writing. It moved me, as they say. I won't say however I bought the cow completely and it's now gleefully grazing in my yard, but I tasted the cheese.
That's sort of gross, huh? Aw well, you get the point. Here's the link.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chips Ahoy

Let them fall where they will.
Fats Domino spilled water on my computer last week. Maybe it was for doing this to him:

In any event I spent the past five days hyperventilating because i am literally calling the bank each day to see if I have enough money to buy their ingrate asses food. I sold a bunch of clothes and have been living on that. Anyway, I got the computer home yesterday and all I wanted to do was fall into bed and watch the second episode of True Blood and wouldnuknowit the damn Internet got shut off cos i couldn't pay the bill. Oh Christ. And yet, despite these things, I am in good spirits. I have two little sticks and I'm going to keep rubbing them together until I start a fire. In the meantime, be patient as new posts will be slow coming.
I never part on this cos i think its cheesy and manipulative, but I believe that the world could use a little bit of it right now, what with the oil spill and all, so to you and all the animals fighting to survive, in their fits of anger and passion and all-dig deep Egrets-keep fighting! I bid you, love.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Outfits Are Done Man!

I used to dress so fierce! Why do I look like such an unstyley grandma these days? Actually grandma would be cool, an unstylely UCSB undergrad?

Once upon a time.

I even put effort into casual.

I've had my snail shirt a long time. I <3 my snail shirt.

Looking at this I just realized I had a collar fetish.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lucky In Love

So I'm 30. Could I have asked for a better weekend? Not if I had tried. Catching up with one of my oldest friends? Listening to records and eating good snacks? Yes please. The longer you know me the faster you realize I am a person of simple pleasures. Listening to music, eating good snax, sitting in nature, being around animals. I'm a happy girl. Sarah and Sophie were perfect hosts and a great way to kick off the b-day madness.

Beautiful Sascha took me to dinner at Ai. My favorite japanese restaurant in the world. Not because it' so schmancy but because I've been eating there since I was a kid. It's comfort food at this point. I tell people I'm a vegetarian, but technically I'm a pescaterian. I feel as if I have created this loophole for sushi. We got the sashimi love boat. Love was in the air.

For my actual b-day Nick and I had brunch at Trails- our fave place- and then hiked to the Griffith Observatory. It was perfect.

I had a birthday picnic in Elysian Park and it was GREAT! So many friends, And so many dogs! I was in heaven.

Daniel gave me macaroons from Euro pane!

Sarah made me the most AMAZING cupcakes!

Eddie is quickly adapting to his new life.

Japanther came to town to play some shows and shoot a music video directed by one Ms. De La Cruz. And to spread their special kind of awesome.

I feel stupid filled with so much love.