Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'M BACK! Pawtry, Dahling

Things I Did Before You

Death Metal
Guns n Roses
Band T shirts
Kate Bush
Twenties inspired kitten heels when they were selling them in Chinatown for $10
80’s Brat Pack Novel’s
Hiding in the cool shadows of libraries, hot-boxing bugs, hiking over green hills rolling into empty wooded meadows that recede into gravel lots, getting lost, loosing my mind, sucking your dick in the tall grass of The Valley, the city spread before us, one memory at a time.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


so basically i suck at this and its way too stressful to be like hanging out with friends then all of a sudden be like, "wait man, let me capture this awesomeness on film!" not even film though, like let me capture this awesomeness on digital. uggh. after about a week everybody started to cringe when i pulled out the camera. i started to feel like a total leper loser.
im a writer not a photographer, besides my journal the one i WRITE in using my HAND and a PEN was getting jealous.
basically my life is amazing and im pretty much a cool peep. in fact if you light me on fire i get all warm and gooey like a marshmallow should.
so take heed world, the next time you see me is gonna be on the streets.
good night and goodwill.