Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chips Ahoy

Let them fall where they will.
Fats Domino spilled water on my computer last week. Maybe it was for doing this to him:

In any event I spent the past five days hyperventilating because i am literally calling the bank each day to see if I have enough money to buy their ingrate asses food. I sold a bunch of clothes and have been living on that. Anyway, I got the computer home yesterday and all I wanted to do was fall into bed and watch the second episode of True Blood and wouldnuknowit the damn Internet got shut off cos i couldn't pay the bill. Oh Christ. And yet, despite these things, I am in good spirits. I have two little sticks and I'm going to keep rubbing them together until I start a fire. In the meantime, be patient as new posts will be slow coming.
I never part on this cos i think its cheesy and manipulative, but I believe that the world could use a little bit of it right now, what with the oil spill and all, so to you and all the animals fighting to survive, in their fits of anger and passion and all-dig deep Egrets-keep fighting! I bid you, love.