Monday, August 20, 2007

hurry up and wait

Bow and Arrow came to visit!
Mike n Alice drive us to a Pow Wow near Spite n Dievel (thats so fun to say!)The Clipd Beaks came n their super nice guys and their band rulz, check em out!
The pow wow mc was super mean and hilarious and was like yelling at little kids, and the guys selling food were like Native American stereotypes, they were sooooo slow n funny, me n heather were like, doood, pick it up. I saw they were makin strawberry fry bread and i go, (I'm pretty much native american and mexican on my moms side so i can say these things) "is that a native american delicacy?" and he goes "im a native american delicacy!" not to steal from another blogger but, WOOT!
Danica has a birthday
Heather graduates
I have a birthday.
I just found out that Marcus is in Ambulance LTD, everyone was like, Duh. I'm always the last to know these things.
And beautiful Brianna who made my whole birthday possible.
so why this sudden new interest in a blog i started months ago and then dropped? well, mainly to blame is my new wonderful job for which i get paid zilch at the record. i just raced home from Atlas because I was supposed to interview Mark Arm from Mudhoney at 1:00, unfortch he has decided to not pick up his phone. So now I'm stuck in my house (i cant leave cos if he does call i have to be at my computer)anyway, I'm finding that lots of musicians like to not be available when they say they will be. Ahh, tis the ramblin road way of life. In the meantime while i wait, heres some more pictures from this summer, a sort of recap thus far and before its over. - Sadly Pennsylvania and Capri aren't in here! I need to get my ass on the bus!
Funny side not, as a child i always got the words Pennsylvania and Transylvania mixed up in my mind, and I thought Dracula lived in America.