Wednesday, August 8, 2007

And we dont care about the fun things

wow, so i started this damn thing and then left it hanging. blogging, hmm hmm, hmm, i still dont know how i feel about it but i can say, what was i thinking down there huh? lamo. dont make peace with an x boyfriend u havent seen in months then run home and blog about it immediately. see below for why.
i guess i already kind of have a blog right now on the record for those not in the know, but i wanted to have someplace to dump all my photos and crap, afterall, arent you all so interested in my deep deep thoughts?
Sarah left town, i miss her already. heres a pic from a photo shoot marianne and i did a while back called addicted to love. we found a robert palmer album and had him oggle his transformative mysoginist self. this is when i took the record down from my face to take pretty pics and fell back into my comfy sociotal role as a subserviant woman. i can already tell that not having spell check is really gonna piss me off.

scary black photo lipstick?

were so whatever about life.

tao lin reading from his excellent book yhee yhee yhee at the opium death match. i miss u Opium!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GO GO! technically im still an editor there but we'll see how long before todd kicks my ass to the curb.