Tuesday, September 4, 2007

until we meat again.

basically, my mommy is in a bookstore waiting for me so im going to make this quick but... my favorite antique store: spudz!
hangin with marianne and her new bunny foot foot.
k's amples amples.
smach was watching the jerk when i showed up. cruisin by tai luvs (formerly luvs hotdogs for thoes not in the know)
amoeba and the beautiful sky from my porch the morning i left.
my mommy made me homemade enchiladas with our family mole! A tiny plate just for me! im spoiled.
see u soon new york, im coming home.

so much carne was consumed on this trip, i feel sort of primordial and i little sicko, i have to be honest. in fact this trip was full of extreme eatins. im not going to get into the elvis presley flasher here, but lets just say it involves 2 pieces of buttery french toast bananas peanut butter and bacon. yikes, right? i know, i know.
anyhoosie, besides that im kinda bummed on leaving, not that i dont <3 ny but this trip was super fantastic. i saw everybody i love and then some. although i didnt get to see mari, mike, mike, chad, and ry. im super bummed on missing ry especially cos he only comes from japan like once every year and he pops up at the most unexpected times. but ah well, that is life.

here are some pics of my final days in town. i love la.