Sunday, May 2, 2010

(Creepy- As in, I'm a creep) Thesis Side Note

So I'm sitting here writins and editins and I decided to take a break and youtube Katherine Dunn cos I read in an article that she has the deepest voice of any writer ever. Anyway, this intrigued me so hence the tube search, well, I stumbled upon a sexy stranger. I have a boyfriend who I schmoop very much, this handsome prince of a guy:

So no disrespect to the above schmoop and I have no idea who this guy is, I'll call him youtube guy, but youtube guy is instantly my Sunday afternoon thesis crunch crush. I mean, he's wearing a Beavis and Butthead shirt. Also, his fave movies and fave books are my fave movies and books. His favorite writers are all women! Le sigh, youtube guy. I love smart men.

In this one he says he doesn't love over stylized movies, amen, brotha, amen! I want to get lost in, not pulled apart by your artistry.

ps. Anyone who says you can only be sexually attracted to one person at a time needs to pull the delusion stick out of their butthole and wipe off their bi-focals. Beautiful people are all around us, iz okay to look. ;) That emoticon is for you judgy Mcjudgerson. Also, I'd like to sever you a big helping of get real.
Oh yes, oh yes, my essay Appropriate for Destruction was picked to be in the 2010 Best Music Writing! Woooo Hoooo!