Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This one's for Julie, Kate and Bacho

So I am ever so reluctantly leaving my dark tunnel. Oh yes, I've been in one! I don't need to say more than that. My list of things to do and people to see is vast. First up, having some sort of meal with Cathy and saging her house. I just need to get out of bed. Let me tell you, graduating from grad school, poverty and impending thirty hood are weighing on my brain.

I interviewed Amanda! We had a lovely sit down iced tea date. This woman is amazing! The finished product will be in the Weekly in a couple weeks.

Saw Roky Erickson play. Do I have to say it was mind blowing and a dream come true?

This is happening and it's surprisingly not weird. They really like each other! I mean, if you think about it the odds of them having a lot in common is not that far out.

Went to Wounded Lion's record release. They played with The Beets and The German Measles. Both on Captured Tracks records. Nick is good friends them. Anyway, I'm so mother blimpin bummed. I think me writing about WL for the Weekly is just cursed. The last time i did, Michael Jackson- RIP- died and the thing got scraped, obvs, and this time i went to post it and the Movable Type website we use had changed my password, so by the time i got my new one it was the next day and old news. Oh well, let me just say, Wounded Lion is amazing, brilliant, awesome stuff. I cannot endorse them more.