Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Tiny Monte Cristo

So Athena's been here and she is a non stop laugh riot. Put her together with Ace of Stace's and it's a comedy show of the highest degree.
This is Stacy reenacting the time she tried to sneak into the Hooters pool in Las Vegas without a pass.

I almost got run over by a fire truck on the way to the Silverlake Jubilee festival.

Also, see what magic has transpired in the past three years! Technology has advanced! This is 2007! I remember we were all so blown away by Athena's little crack berry camera and now her Iphone is like top notch quality.
Anyhoo, there is no way you can tell by watching this short clip but in this moment with Laura is one of the times i laughed the hardest in my entire life. What you can't see is me crying while eating ice cream because I'm laughing so hard. I can't produce noise or sound, only tears. And then I danced and Athena lost it. Laura Gay is hilar.
"You think it's a regular Monte Cristo but then you pull it out and it's a tiny Hot Pocket!"
Oh, I miss that room, I miss those funny ladies, I miss New York. Not really New York, but watching this little video I do.