Monday, May 18, 2009


I went to Arizona this weekend to hang out with my mom and my sister. It was awesome. When my mom first went out there it freaked me out, it was weird to think of her outside of pasadena. to me, my mom is californian, she lived here for 40 years and thats where she raised me, but its cool to see her in the desert, she does it alot better than i would expect. and technically, she has more relatives in those parts, as that is where our ancestors are from. So my beautiful black haired sexy latin/indigenous american family was all around me. Thanks dad, thanks alot you white, blue eyed bastard. I could have looked like this! I kid, I kid. Really, there's nothing like being teased your entire life about being left on the doorstep by the postman, its self esteem building! Har Har. No, I kid, I LOVE my family. I love our unique american history, and I love that when people ask me where my family is from i say, new mexico and that that's it. Viva! You came to us you white bitches! You came to us.
It was shaman esque fer sure.

my moms alter.