Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I live my life like a french movie...

So Im back in town and spent yesterday kickin it with homies. Sarah and I went to out of the closet and then last night i went over to Stacy's new house for an epic sesh. We watched Singles, one of the greatest movies ever made and i had a big moment of self realization, thanks Singles! Seriously ladies, its all about Janet in that movie, Janet owns it.
Then we listened to records and looked at stacy's amazing collection of books and zines. Girlfriend is like a library of cool shit you wish was yours. Also, if you haven't checked it out, give her awesome blog a look by clicking here.
Today I rode my bike around the rose bowl a bunch of times, paid a bill, went grocery shopping and im going to pick athena up from the airport tonight and i feel powerful and awesome. Yay! Summer.

Amazing interview that Jessica Hopper did with Erika here
Jezebal does it again! Tracie is a brilliant genius. Tracie can you here me? Tracie can you see me? Tracie can you feel me?