Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sit on It

So I feel like a broken record. My friends, they are awesome and I love them. Sarah and I rolled together on over to Julie's most beautiful petite little art show. It was so sweet and well crafted and charming. Max and I meta blogged live from the scene of the crime. We then headed over to see the New Barbarian Show. They performed. OMG wtf, what?. It was an exercise in grown up self restraint. Never in my grownup state have I ever wanted to be my disrespectful bad behaved rude bratty heckly self before. I literally wanted to throw milkshakes on these people and set their dumb capes on fire. To pacify this urge I took a photo of the acupuncture sign.
We then went to Two Boots- it's in LA now and still yucky!- and then to another opening, I've lost track, and then finally to Hop Louie where the girls were. Yay Katie! Yeah Kate! Yeah Sascha! Yeah Kelly! We all let our hair down and a truly epic night of grinding went down in the grinding hall of fame. Tut Tut shake your butt!
On a side note, Kate Wolf is one of the most beautiful girls I know, honestly, can girlfriend take a bad photo?

This what Max and i look like when we blog.