Monday, December 15, 2008

Coming Through In Waves

I am chilly, wrapped in a blanket and drinking mint tea. The boys are asleep in a ball, Marlowe is asleep under the porch, dry and toasty, while it rains buckets outside. I'm utterly comfortable. Not much to say, except, another awesome weekend.
We went to Sarah's friend, Carthic's(sp)final project party at Art Center. It was huge and catered with the most delicious spread of Indian Food. The art was really nice too. I actually liked it a lot. Interpret that however you want.
Then on Saturday it was beautiful Kate's 27th birthday, but I forgot my camera! There was fondu and tons of deliciousness. Happy birthday Kate!
The next night I went to go see On Holiday play and I fuckin forgot my camera, I was soooooo pissed. On Holiday has gone through a bit of a lineup change, now it also includes Brendan from the Antarticans and Crooked Cowboy, plus the addition of some weird instrument called a Celeste. I am not joking, if u see that On Holiday is playing GO SEE THEM LIVE! They are the BEST band in Los Angeles right now, I cannot even tell you how amazing the show was, Marianne is a real artist, the kind of person who creates without thinking about audience, product or notoriety, she creates in a vacuum of intensity, she is cray cray like a real artist and concerned with the process and the result as in, is it something she can stand behind and live with. Does it bring her joy and was it worthwhile to create. These are the things that make me wonder if she will ever become commercially successful, but in any event, you MUST GO! It is breathtaking to watch them, they rule it so hard.
Then Sunday night i had dinner with Paulie and Daniel at Adam and Julia's, beautiful magic house. Their friend Sean was visiting from Brooklyn, and we heard stories about Rhode Island and farmhouses and freezing cold winters where you hide under mountains of blankets and never move from that one spot in the bed that will cocoon u all night. It made me miss the east coast, but then I quickly rejoiced in the fact that it is, in all honesty, pretty easy here, winter wise, and it's nothing a cup of hot mint tea, two fat kittens and a big quilt can't fix.

Sascha and I are hair twins. She is the fierce.

Burger was in party mode! Burger... awww. I wuv her.

Julia made this persiman, ginger, lemon, lime fruit salad that was seriously, amazing.

Mr. Johnson was a big hit. A big fat, furry, orange hit.