Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

I've been watching movies for five days.

Elaine! Also, I've never understood why Mrs. Robinson was portrayed as such a monster. Excuse her liberation - two snaps and a back of the hand- Seriously, WTF Elaine, excuse your mom for giving a shit. What, she's a dumb slut with no brains now because she likes to fuck, or would like to fuck? Geez louise, it doesn't shrivel up and disappear just cos you age a little. Elaine, give the lady a break. You're the one running into loveless marriages and then toward divorces and then onto random buses. Do you have a house in Beverly Hills? NO, Elaine, you don't, you just have your dumb puppy love. Maybe give the lady some credit for knowing a thing or two, smarty pants. Also, your boyfriends kind of a schmuck and his greatest scene on a bus isn't even with you, its with Jon Voight. In any event, this is still so great.
This movie here, this movie is in my top five. It's up there even before its predecessor. Jesus. Christ. This SCENE! Also, Appolonia is the bomb.

It is impossible for me to watch this movie without sobbing.

And one more time in technicolor, just because I've been living in this song.

I also found out that the Edwards Cinema in Alhambra, the movie theatre I went to a lot as a kid, is now $3 a movie! I think I will spend all of tomorrow there,