Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!!

This will be a nontraditional birthday post because Sarah is nontraditional and that's exactly what is magical about her. Recently, while eating brunch with Stacy, Stacy described Sarah as a unicorn, and it made me take pause, yes, how apt, how perfectly appropriate, Sarah is a unicorn, mythical, beautiful, and rare, and also, don't cross a unicorn! No pictures of dear Sarah, she is not to be seen on the nets, but none the less, Happy Birthday my beautiful friend, you take me back to another time, you make me think of childhood and safety but also the wild rebellion of youth. Thank you for so much. Gallop on!

Also, I know you don't mind sharing your birthday post with Mali, the beautiful little hippo from Bangkok who turns 44 today. Love to all creatures great and small!