Friday, May 20, 2011

Sister Christian

People always ask, Nicole, why are you so cool?- no one's ever asked me this- and I say- I never say this because I've never been asked- because I have an older sister. A significantly older sister- not THAT much older but we spent high school in different decades- I am the young person in an older family- it was strange in high school to be friends with people who were the oldest person in a young family. A sister who dressed me up as Siouxsie Sioux, left me standing outside her blue 70's mustang in a Sacramento mall parking lot when I complained that I didn't want to wait in the car, who slept in while babysitting me forgetting-or not caring- that I was too short to reach food in the cupboards- I constructed elaborate chair sculptures, showed me how to feather my hair, then tease it, then rat it, then blow it out. When i was six she had short cropped to the face hair and the coolest fucking rat tail I've ever seen. I thought she was the most beautiful woman alive- I still do-and coveted her clothes and music, even when she would catch me in her room tying her tye dyed silk scarves around my head like a Russian house wife, and she would shriek at me to not 'touch my fucking stuff!' My sister was an artist and into fashion and a goth, then a punk, then an androgynous sexy waif. My mom has amazing photos of her. But here are a few. I'm also pretty sure she hates Night Ranger.

Her hair metal wedding from 1989. My ex brother in law who's still sort of like my brother even though he and my sister are remarrying this year- wore all leather and had a Slash looking top hat. They were high school sweethearts, junior high school best friends. They are still best friends and he is my moms other kid pretty much.

Amazing photo collage she made of herself. She was also the first weirdo I ever knew.

Anna Banana today. This is seriously the tip of the amazing photo iceberg of my sister. She has so many fucking awesome styles caught on film, but alas these are but the few I have on my computer. My mom has an archive f 80's/90's gems. She was so goddamn cool.