Sunday, November 6, 2011

Debbie Does Daylight Savings

Holy guacamole. Satan on a cracker. Two snaps and a butt plug, well look at this here. It's been two months since I blogged. What can I say? I lost interest, had developed a loving following of supportive grownups, well, grownups about thirty years my senior- see below post- and honestly, I couldn't drag myself into the place where I wanted to wait ten minutes for one picture to upload at a time. Even right now I struggle to finish this sentence. All I've had the stamina for these past few months is my internet boyfriend Michael K over at Dlisted, my TV boyfriend Jesse Pinkman over on AMC and TV links and Gawker to snort and half smile at Kimmy K's divorce and Baby Bieber's baby mamma drama. But why, you ask- no, I know you really don't- well, mostly I've been working on this PHD application that is like pulling my brain out of my ear, you know, like the Egyptians with the brain jars and the mummy organs? Like that. So that's that. I will now proceed to post random images and share with you the rainbow slide show of what you've been missing (nothing, I promise). Also, my computer says it's 9:30 but it feels like it's 10:30. Just when I thought i couldn't feel any more ancient.
First up is Halloween. I was Chairy and Nick was Larry. We were Larry and Chairy.

I painted my yard chairs blue and have been working on my garden. It's a peaceful endeavor.

Nick's friend Alex came into town because his movie was screening at the AFI fest and omg it's soooo good. You should definitely go see it. It's called the Color Wheel.

Biz had a birthday! xoxox

And so did Daniel! (he's in his Halloween costume)

Kate and I started the fourth season of 5 Points and this Sunday is the second reading in! Come by and check it out:

Halloween friend update:

Heather killed it.

Also, also, could Charlotte and her man friend BE any cooler? I am so in love with this woman. Tejas I'll see you soon.
Okay, goodnight sweet internet prince. I'm back? Let's never be torn apart again!