Monday, October 12, 2009

Drive Your Chevrolet into the San Francisco Bay

Halloweenie house!

So hey, lookie here, it's fall, or autumn or whatever you prefer to call it. All I know is that my landlord came over today to fix my heater and now it's all snug and cozy in my house. I haven't been taking pics lately cos I just haven't been feeling it. So here's a smattering of some things I've done lately, but really this isn't an accurate portrait of how I've been spending my time. One thing I did regret not bringing my camera to was last night at The Raincoats. They were amazing. Cathy flipped out in a good way, kind of how I did when we went to see Grace Jones this summer. Sascha was equally enthralled and I had secret shame about the fact that of the many musical influences of Kurt Cobain, Daniel Johnston was the one album I decided to buy in high school. Not that there's anything wrong with DJ, I love him still and am definitely in the 'he's a genius' camp, but that I wasn't drawn to the girl groups he really pumped alot. But that 'Hi how are you?' shirt was so compelling! I mean, besides the Pixies, but I didn't need KC to tell me about them, I mean, I DID go to HS in the 90's. I do love the Raincoats now though but was definitely late to the party, as I told CDLC, I was a BIG ASS STONER in high school and a pyschobilly punk. My tastes diverged a bit from the politically correct. I mean as soon as I understood how to use the internet and ebay, the first things I bought were a bootleg video of GNR at the Whisky in 1986 which I promptly gave away to Jim Greco when I was 20 because i was an idiot- thats right, I was late to alot of parties, the internet included. u can ask anyone who knows me about my social retardation with technology, again i don't think i can stress enough when i say, BIG STONER- and a rare Sub Pop Soundgarden LP, Hands All Over, which I still have. Basically I listened to Led Zeppelin, The Misfits and Tom Petty. What can I say? I live for a good guitar solo. I mean guitar solos are what really really do it for me. Long, convoluted, winding, psychotic, head exploding, mind expanding, stoney baloney guitar solos. I LOVE GUITAR. I am gonzo for the solo. But back then I still loved the Pretenders, PJ Harvey, Op Ivy, the B52's, and Patti Smith. It wasn't all that bad. In any event. Girl Power.

Wounded Lion at Eagle Rock Music Festival

Eileen at Machine

The Eileen and Maggie Nelson reading at China Art Objects

Hedi's cute face.

The amazing show at Workspace that Katie curated.

ps, sunday i had brunch with my dad- and by brunch i mean the ihop on fig cos were classy like that- and we discussed gentrification in highland park where i live. and i said, 'yeah, alot of kids are moving into the neighborhood, it's crazy' and he said 'by kids do you mean people your age?' and i said, 'yeah' and he says 'I hate to break it to you but you're an adult, nicole. when i was twenty-nine i owned a business, a house and your sister was 10.' oh man, shut down by my own dad. actually, thats been happening my whole life. but shut down for all the right reasons. im a man baby!