Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where Is My Mind?

Im back in LA. Got back last night. I have had three brain lobotomies in the past month and I managed to meet my BF's family and not stick my foot in my mouth. I need to improve on sharing, being more time sensitive, not so ME centric and generally not a control freak at ALL times. NY was great but it was also errrr. Things they change as we grow old. The whole time I was like, 'i got so much crap to do back home, blegh' and now I'm like, 'man I need a break.' My brain is broken.
Am i an idiot for taking a break from the LA Weekly? The only place that has ever given me any kind of legitimacy? I feel like if I don't chase this crazy dream I'll be bummed for all time.
Apologies in advance, I will be a bad friend, daughter, girlfriend in the oncoming months. I won't return your text or forget to return your email. I just don't have the will to be a good person right now. It is beyond me.
Summer, come eat me.
Go to 5 Points tonight! Please, I mean, of course. Please.