Friday, March 12, 2010


I will probably catch hell for this from music snoots but Alphaville's, Big In Japan might be the best song ever written about heroin addiction. It's just so empty and sad and fruitless. Like drugs themselves. And the amount of dreaming despite waiting, is just, ugh. I love New Wave. Also, this music video is just fucking awesome.

Anyway, zen is exactly how I've not been feeling. But I look it in this photo, no? Bobbi has that calming effect on people. This is sort of a joke if you know her, Bobbi is many things, a lovey bear, a cuddle bunny, a boo boo, but calming she is not. She is a boundless, tireless ball of small dog with an oral fixation. Scout, another Chihuahua I know, seems to suffer from this same tongue fetish ailment.
I'm so edgy lately that I basically got all dressed up, went over to Sarah's house to go dancing at this awesome looking monster,
and then bailed because i'm reading tomorrow at Skylight from my thesis at 5PM! 5PM, for real, thats like many many many hours from now. But I'm all tarded cos I don't know what I'm going to read, my house is messy, yada yada. I'm going to hear about how awesome this party was tomorrow and feel like a total asshole for not going.
So, yeah, I've been on a self imposed LA Weekly, Huffpo sabbatical, not that I really got the Huffpo ball rolling to begin with, but I've just been so busy with my thesis. This semester, plus teaching, plus this one after the other deadlines has started to wear on my nerves. I'm a free wheeling gal, like Bob Dylan, yo, and I've been stressed. I've not taken my camera with me anywhere because I just don't have the energy to point n shoot. Weirdly, oddly though, despite this bad case of nerves, I've been really happy. I have this distinct, gut feeling that my efforts will be repaid. I think this might be my year. Susan Miller thinks so.
Anyway, heres a list of fun things I've done, you can imagine what they looked like:
Hiked to the top of the Griffith Observatory with Nick, it was really awesome. He is a schmoops amongst schmoops. We shared strawberry rhubarb pie at Trails, the cute veggie cafe at the bottom of the hill.
Did my first 20 minute thesis reading, which went really well if I don't say so myself.
Went to a few parties and art openings.
Saw Buddy! He was in town.
Saw this amazing band Weave. They are part Siousxie, part B52's, part, the Cramps, part The Cure. They ruleth.
Compiled a list of things I will be cooking once I get back from NY in two weeks. We leave on the 20th, for spring break. Yippee! Vacation! I'm going to need it.
Anyway, here are some photos of things i want to learn to cook. I'm a bit of a Martha Stewart deep down in my lazy, shallow heart.

veggie sukiyaki with mushroom and dashi base, instead of beef juice.

Tempeh reuben. I'v never made tempeh before. I want to try. Plus i love sauerkraut.

Veggie tortilla soup. I actually made this a couple weeks ago and it was really super good, Nick called it salsa soup, which I thought was kind of insulting but then he ate a shit ton of it so I guess it was a compliment, anyway, it didn't turn out the red, rich color it is in this photo, so I'm going to try again.

tofu pot pie. um, hello!! who doesn't want to eat this?
Also, a shout out to my girl Rima, a classmate who I just found out reads my blog. You're the best!