Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who Let the Emo's Out?

I need to take a walk with sara and sophie
i need to buy people chocolate and books
i need to admit that i'm wrong a lot
i need to take responsibility for my own social estrangement
i need to write my grandma a letter letting her know how much she means to me
i need to not be afraid of success
i need to edit and not watch teen mom 2
i need to read the books that i buy
i need to let go of the fact that i have ugly feet, i have big boobs- really big!- it could be worse
i need to stop saying 'im sorry' when its not my fault
i need to stop secretly smelling my own breath to the point that other people think they have bad breath and turn their heads away
i need to stop wishing people were the way they aren't
i have to stop gripping the door handles in fear when other people drive and trust in their ability to get me from one place to the next alive.
i need to not be embarrassed by how much i love my cats. i love them so much.
i need to stop being embarrassed about poverty and to let others know why i'm really in pain and not make up other stupid reasons for why im upset.
i need to start being more honest about what's really going on or i will keep pushing people away
i need to be able to say stfu to someone when i'm not in the mood to listen. its ultimately better for both of us.
i need to not give a crap about what my boyfriend wears. he lets me dress the way i like.
i need to tend to my garden
and save my change
and re learn spanish
take a leap faith
and to not be ashamed of the fact that i am spiritual.
i am a good person, i'm guessing you are too.