Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lazy is as Lazy Does

Good newz, I'm busy, bad newz means I'm a lazy blogger. Gotta save all the working brain cells for out in the big bad world. In the meantime, still can't get enough of Men and I still love cats.
New music vid is radonk amazing.

I guess though if u look at what passes for content on tumblr I'm winning by leaps and bounds. Intentional brain damaged Sheen reference. Seriously, Martin, come get your ass backwards wife beating brain dead tumor of a son and 5150 his ass already. I just can't with that guy.

Who wants to buy me this first edition for my birthday?

F. Scott's old briefcase. I touches it, please?

Djuna, will you haunt me?

can you visit me in dreams and take me to paris where we can discuss blazers and green tea and hot burned coffee?

are you up to date on your Maru? if not click here to follow his blog. click here. on a serious side note how this cat can commence to play in the edges of his sofa after the terrifying and tragic and horrific things happening in his country is beyond me, or better yet how his owner can keep blogging the next day is wild beyond my reasoning, but perhaps a little Maru is just what the country needs. actually, i take that back, what the country needs is volunteers and food and electricity and help. in any event, here he is as a delightful young pup.

a room i would sleep in if i were a child.
also, i will be disabling my comments-once i figure out how- because non of you fuckers ever comment except for Cathy- Hi Cathy!- and im getting spammed by lame pharmaceutical companies in vietnam. besides, i can trace you anyway via my stat counter back to the very computer you used when you logged in to check from UC IRVINE. also, irvine, it tells me HOW MANY TIMES IN ONE HOUR. or you weird talent scout weirdo whose never e-mailed me or whoever you are at NBC UNIVERSAL, in new york. also, if you check my shit on your iphone it gives me your phone number and then i know who you are. oh SNAP. jokes on you, jerks. what? do you think I do this shit cos its fun? oh, wait...
jkjk i love you all. really!