Saturday, August 16, 2008


So I know what you've been wanting for Titmas (thats what my awesome homies from San Antone Heew Haw and Cathy DeLaCruz call it), a link to everything I've written in the last year! Yee Haw! there it is Darlin's. Except for the first link, I have nothing to do with the Foo Fighter article, my actual name is in the review because of that awful Price cover of Darling Nikki they did. But every interview and every Live From New York is at your trembling fingertips!

Oh and just for fun, here's a link to the Wanda Jackson interview I did that Wanda put on her OFFICIAL FUCKING WEBSITE! I've died and gone to Rockabilly heaven. Once a rockabilly hoodrat, always a rockabilly hoodrat.

PS Youre going to have to cut n copy those links because technology hates me
1996 Baby!