Saturday, August 30, 2008

What we've got here, is a failure to communicate

Dear Sarah Palin, way to be the minority that joins the KKK.
Way to come out and talk about your husband for 10 hours, way to chat up the war,
Dear John Maccain. Double Fuck You! As if I didn't have enough reasons to find you smelly and bile filled. Fuck you for using Sarah Palin as a pawn, way to use a hard working albeit confused woman in your fight to capitalize on an actual movement, way to try and steal the women's vote away from the progress that has been made in the last 8 months. Not because women's rights mean shit to you but because you you noticed that it means something to a few million women, way to be a big time faker, you fake FUCK!
Maybe I haven't made myself clear, but I'm on team Obama now. Any ladies that read my blog, don't be deceived. Don't let any substitutes stand in for the real thing. No matter what you thought/think of Hillary Clinton, she's devoted her life to helping women and children. Feminists for life (Palin's famous hate mongering organization) has devoted itself to shaming and terrorizing doctors and women. For the love of Geraldine Ferraro, a TRUE pioneer, don't vote for this woman. On a side note, congratulations Sarah Palin, no matter how sick you make me, it's cool that McCain actually thinks having you there will help him. That at least, is progress.

I'm done. Rant over.