Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Goth Denny's

Mike is in town and if I wasn't so fucking sick and on my deathbed I'd be jumping all over the place with joy. I mean, I am filled with joy, I'm just not very jumpy. I missed Buddy in NY so this is really sweet.
Anyhow, since we were both dressed all in black and feeling gothy we thought it was only appropriate to head to Goth Denny's.
We also did more scientific deducing in which we concluded that New Jersey is indeed the Valley equivalent and that Long Island is sort of like the SGV. San Dimas yo!
Anyway, this theory continues to evolve and expand like the cosmos. Mike thought that Denny's was from New York, but I think he's mistaken, I'm pretty sure it's from LA, non? In any event he also spent late high school nights in the dirty jerz scarffing down pancakes and he knew the menu like a pro.
We then headed to Wildness to see Hecuba play, who despite horrible sound problems rocked it hardcore.
I also finally cracked open the vintage copy of the 1989 BAM I bought at Fingerprints last weekend. It was an archeology feast.
Note to any future suitors, the key to my heart is through vintage copies of my favorite magazines that no longer exist.