Thursday, April 16, 2009

A mixed bag

So many things:
First, these video's make my brain do a jfk all over the place- Thanks Stacy!:

My thesis proposal was due on Monday, don't worry I forget that I'm in grad school too. I think it turned out quite successful. I'm writing a novel. A fictions! Oooooh aaaah, so unlike me. Or is it?
I found a box of opened grocery store double chocolate cookies on my doorstep when I got back from WaVVes at the Echo last night- who I am now in love with. Dear Nathan of WaVVes, I am your forever groupie. I'd tell you what I thought of the show but it would be breach of contract, oh snap! If you really wanna know check the LA Weekly blog on the blog roll to the left, in like, a day. It's the one that say's where I writin's where I work, or some dumb thing I thought was clever and fake modest.
Oh, so these cookies, I didn't want to eat them because I didn't/don't know who left them there, but they look/looked super good. I called everyone and no one left them. Did you leave cookies on my doorstep? Anyway, I was afraid they might have poison in them or something but then I remembered that when I was twenty I did an eightball with my then best friend that we found on the ground in Highland Park, and that if I risked brain hemorrhaging without a second thought, literally we picked it up opened the plastic bag- much like one your mom might put cookies in your lunch bag actually... and snuffed it right up- I could eat these delicious cookies. And so, I did, I'm staying close to my cell phone and toilet for the rest of the evening, just in case.
Also, my first big music feature,cover story in the Weekly! Yay! On the street now. Go grab one!