Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hello, I'm Troy Mclure, you might know me from such films...

This weekend Paul had his opening at Workspace and it went really well. It was about gifts but strangely enough Paul didn't give me anything when I walked in the door. JK! Congrats Paul. One day I can say I used to know you.
Also, congratulations to Julia who got into Columbia.
Then I spent this weekend driving all over LA County with "hipster faggot, Patrick O'Dell" taking pictures for our 'epic'- to steal from his lexicon- story for the LA Weekly for record store day. Keep ya eyes peeled. Anyway, it was lots of fun and I got lots of tales about haters, crazies, and anonymous internet bashers. Seriously folks, dog help someone trying to do something fun or cool. Patrick is unintentionally hilarious and a little loopy. But good people 100 percent through and totally entertaining, but maybe thats because im a writer and nothing makes me more excited then a good real life character. I dont think he thinks any of these things about himself. NEWAY.
Anyway, im not going to spill any interview gems.
Oh and one other thing, i think im totally in love with the mae shi now like a hundred years after everyone else, im a late bloomer. This miley cover is insane amazing and once it hits the three minute mark your brain is going to explode.