Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's been one of those weeks

Hesus Christa!
Spent the morning at the North Los Angeles Lacy Street Animal Shelter looking for my asshole cat who decided to go take a vacation around the block and go missing for 10 fucking hours, work is insane, i got in a car accident, I'm turning twenty-nine, i hate all people who aren't girls, and my tape recorder broke and my card was declined at the gas station. It happens.
Please universe hear my cry, dear Xenu, dear the prophet with your beautiful weird dancing watercolor pictures and your borderline annoying platitudes, dear animal kingdom, dear clouds and hari krishna's and jesus freaks and the lightning and the rain, get me the fuck through this week. Dear bats that sail on light blue cloudless dawns and hide in dank covers, dear Anthony Kiedis bridge, dear Kurt Cobain bridge, dear Potland, dear Chicago, dear deep dish pizza, dear Manhattan, dear grass and sun and earth and moon: UGGH on you.