Sunday, June 21, 2009

MacBook the knife

Sorry for the major lag in bloggins, I've mostly been goin to shows and there's only so many blurry pix i can take with my shitty camera before even im bored. So in any event, here's a jumbled mess of stuff I've been doing the past week and a half. Telepathe played in Costa Mesa and Christene and Cathy and I took a field trip out to see them. Dennis met us there. They played with Nite Jewel again and they fuckin shredded. It was amazing. Anyhoo, mixed in here is the Room a Loom show at Workspace, Larry Johnson at the Hammer, Ooga Booga Teenage Teardrops thing, the Sleepy Sun, Entrance show at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts click me! and finally, without further adiu, I got a Mac Book for my birthday and have been going insane with the photobooth. Holy shit this thing is sooo fun and addictive. So um, like, you know, excuse my beauty. If you don't know where that's from, google it homes.
But mostly I've been very uninspired to shoot pics of people when im hanging out in intimate situations. For instance, Chris put the kabosh on the camera the second i took it out of the purse. One day I'll get the secret LA Record lair on film. Sometimes its best to let my memories do the remembering.
Oh yeah, I'm obsessed with the new Hecuba video. And in homage to their homage i'm posting my fave Kenneth Anger. Viva!