Saturday, June 13, 2009


So Danzig, I haven't really talked about Danzig on here too much cos what am i going to say? 'Oh, Danzig rulzz, double z' well, duh, ya know, it's Danzig. It's kind of like why I don't really pump the Misfits on here, it's kind of a given, if you like rock n roll, thumpy bass and punk and at any time have desired a pompador, you probably like the Misfits and Danzig, if you think James Dean is cool and Elvira is hot, you like Danzig. So, obvs, ya I like Danzig.
So here's a little love, just cos.

And then Erika ripping it a tiny asshole. I love that she re-appropriates male songs.

And finally Telepathe is playing tonight at the Smell. It's going to rule.
Here's a small interview I did with Busy for the Weekly. click me!
Enjoy and stay out of the rain!