Sunday, November 22, 2009

Die Die Die My Darling

Dave came over to discuss the project were doing at Workspace in January. Hush Hush for now, more later

Sarah and I spent Friday night playing Scrabble with Paul and Daniel at their adorable cabin house in the city. <3 Them.

Nick and I went to see the Misfits Saturday night at the Keyclub. We wore Misfit outfits. I had amateur Mohican cheek stripes and he had sad Liberty spikes. Anyhow. Shit went OFF. It was really surreal to be in a place like the Keyclub. Especially since between the two of us we haven't gone to a show that wasn't at Cakeshop, Silent Barn, The Smell, The Echo, or Maccaren Pool in like, forever. We were tripping out on the one hundred percent earnestness of the kids. Nothing makes you feel like an older twenty something graduate student who wears stupid teenage clothes than going to a Misfits show in Hollywood. Trust. We discerned that, a) we were probably the oldest people there and b) we probably had the most combined degrees than any other group in attendance. Because we were old.
The show was fucking fantastic.

Then we totally switched gears and went to machine Project where Emily and Ezra were rehearsing for their LACMA performance in December. It's called Temples of the Minds and it's going to be total Fillmore theatre trippy ass awesome shit!

And then this happened.