Sunday, November 1, 2009

and so that happened

it came. it went. i spent maybe six hours asleep all weekend. it was fun, predictably strange, oddly heartfelt, wtf susan miller, why you gotta lie? you said october would be a breeeeze. yeah, a breeze if you're a cold hearted fool with no feelings. tell me how not to feel susan!! tell me damnit! anyhow, times were had, my costume, now going over photos of the last 48 hours was unbelievably unflattering, red bulls were crushed like tiny cinder blocks beneath godzilla's feet and some giant doucheball dressed as a line of coke reinforced all my notions about insecure assholes. they live to make you feel better about yourself. keep trying coke boy, one day you'll look in the mirror and not hate what you see, because damnit, you're beautiful, worth it and whatever dad said, it was about him, not you :( But in all seriousness I was sort of embarrassed for him so I shouldn't make fun. The universe unfurls.
Viva Halloween!

ps my camera is a piece of shit and im absolutely buying a new one this week when i get paid. i took more pics but....but my camera sux!